Medaglia di rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica


Folco Cimagalli

Is a sociologist and associated professor in social sciences at the Libera Maria Ss. Assunta University of Rome (Lumsa). His aim is innovation in welfare policies from a scientific point of view in welfare planning. He has worked for both public and private bodies for the analysis of the quality of welfare policies, relationships and cultural identities in minority groups in relation to welfare services in the city. He researches the structures involved in welfare in communities and the emergence of new cases of hardship.

He is an active member of the National Childhood and Adolescent Watch Committee and non-profit sector Watch in the Trade Department.

Published works: Valutazione e ricerca sociale (2003), Qualità e servizi socio-sanitari (2005), Minori e intervento sociale (2005), Periferia urbana, identità e reti sociali (2005), Sorokin. Attualità di un classico della sociologia (2010).

Board of Directors

Folco Cimagalli –President – Adviser Stefano De Paolis –Adviser Alessandro Parente –Adviser

Board of Auditors

Alessandro Musaio – President Riccardo Losi – Auditor Fabio Scoyni – Audito