Medaglia di rappresentanza del Presidente della Repubblica

Roma Solidale Onlus (Onlus is an italian acronym for “non-profit organization of social utility”) foundation of participation, has redefined and expanded in 2011, the mission to all social fragility, based on the experience when his name was Foundation “Handicap DopodiNoi” onlus of which the Rome City Hall in 2005 was founder and promoter. Roma Solidale Onlus therefore continues the social aim of supporting people with disabilities and families in search of opportunities for innovative residential and opens to the world through actions of system vulnerabilities. During the years spent – those the experience of “Dopodinoi” – the Foundation has worked mainly in the direction of support for disabled people to facilitate the processes of autonomy. Among the most significant experiences of this period we can mention the center for the early treatment of autism “A Breach in the Wall”, carried out in partnership with the Hospital “Bambino Gesù” and the “Opera Don Calabria”; and the experience carried out on behalf of people with Down syndrome, made in collaboration with the Italian Foundation “Verso Il Futuro”, experience still ongoing. Today the range of action of the Foundation, on behalf of Rome City Hall, is extended to all areas of welfare. In a highly complex context as the current one, the Foundation supports projects and experiences, builds networks, promote resources, develops scientific research and “aims to support vulnerable people in difficult situations, to improve their quality of life from the residential services or otherwise substitute the family turned to people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities”(art. 3, Statutes of the Foundation). The Foundation is based in Rome and operates mainly in metropolitan and regional context, promoting strong connections with organizations and networks at the national and international level, and to take innovative actions aimed at the exploitation of tangible and intangible resources of people and organizations, inspired by a vision systemic broad, not imprisoned in the binomial : needs-giving. The Fondazione Roma Solidale operates as a prime mover strategic, as a motor of relationships in the system and between systems. For this reason, the scope of action is multi-sectoral and knowingly contaminated (contamination). The style is open, participatory, multi-stakeholder.